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Sunday, January 25, 2004


Finally! We have snow. A couple inches. I went out, rolled around, and got the first real good bath I've been able to get in over a year. Whew! That felt good!

It was a nice, dry, crunchy snow. Perfectly blissful. I'm going back out to savor it.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Spurs Update

The Spurs are recovering from their fall cellar performance. They have not yet made the transition to stellar, though. Last night they pulled out an exciting win at the last 3.8 seconds thanks to a terrific 3 pointer by Tony Parker against Phoenix, the team at the bottom of the Western Conference. The Spurs, second in their division, should have won handily. Of course, being in the cellar of the Western Conference equates to being in the mid-to-top of the Eastern Conference.

Tonight, the Spurs are hosting the New Orleans Hornets. Again, they started off slow but managed to hold a slight lead at the end of the 1st quarter. Yup. I'd say they're still working to find that consistency.

I still say, when they hit their stride, look out! Go, Spurs, Go!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Back in Virginia

They took me to a seafood restaurant (I use the term loosely--they didn't have a single seal recipe on the menu!) called Ralph & Kacoos. It was OK. I'm not sure why They raved about it, but I guess Their tastes are different from mine.

Then we went to the Horseshoe Casino (we started out for Harrah's but when we didn't have a Players card, they told us the parking garage was full, so we took our money elsewhere). She taught me how to play slot machines. It's really a pretty mindless activity. I'm not sure what the humans see in it, and I'm not sure how we managed to spend two nights in a row there without the management forcing us to smoke cigarettes--it seemed as if smoking was a prerequisite in that place.

The weather finally got a little colder--into the thirties and low forties. That felt a little better for me. Naturally, the humans complained. I rode in comfort all the way back to Virginia, and we arrived safe and sound around 3:30 this afternoon.