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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Back in Virginia

They took me to a seafood restaurant (I use the term loosely--they didn't have a single seal recipe on the menu!) called Ralph & Kacoos. It was OK. I'm not sure why They raved about it, but I guess Their tastes are different from mine.

Then we went to the Horseshoe Casino (we started out for Harrah's but when we didn't have a Players card, they told us the parking garage was full, so we took our money elsewhere). She taught me how to play slot machines. It's really a pretty mindless activity. I'm not sure what the humans see in it, and I'm not sure how we managed to spend two nights in a row there without the management forcing us to smoke cigarettes--it seemed as if smoking was a prerequisite in that place.

The weather finally got a little colder--into the thirties and low forties. That felt a little better for me. Naturally, the humans complained. I rode in comfort all the way back to Virginia, and we arrived safe and sound around 3:30 this afternoon.


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