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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The NBA Dress Code

For a rational, professional view on the The NBA Dress Code, please read Mark Cuban's comments on the dress code itself and on blog readers' comments on the dress code. Mark Cuban is the no-so-politically correct Dallas Mavericks owner. He blogs regularly about a variety of subjects, and I find he has a refreshing voice. I don't always agree with him or understand what on earth he's talking about (some of his businesses are foreign to me, and She can't explain them either).

My observations? Many business people who make far less money that NBA minimum wage players have to maintain a repertoire of business attire. They do it without getting a clothing stipend, and they don't complain. The NBA's dress code is not unreasonable, nor does it demand a player wear something different every time they appear in public. Hey, Guys. If you're not a clothes horse, get one suit custom-made (I understand off the rack just isn't an option--try being a polar bear sometime; I feel for ya'), get a couple good quality white shirts or maybe one or two in a complementary shade, and invest in a couple nice ties and a good pair of shoes. Don't forget a few pair of good quality dress socks. Mix and match as needed. That exceeds what's needed, but you'll be prepared for any public setting.

If that's too expensive, have a couple pair of khakis, a sport coat, and a couple contrasting turtlenecks to wear underneath it all. It's the business world. Other people do it everyday to make a living. If you don't want to, find another job. I hear the local car wash is a bit less restrictive. Forget about bagging groceries, though, they expect a little more.


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