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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The Playoffs weren't my favorite time. Dallas and San Antonio fought to the wire and San Antonio lost. Then Dallas couldn't bring home the bacon in the Finals. Oh, well. Next year is another year. Trading Rasho to Toronto was a good move. What will be next in the Spurs front office? I'm watching.

I've been compensating by watching women's golf, Indy car racing, and World Cup soccer. Yeah. I'm amazed, too. I'm not certain what has come over me, but I may be due for a check-up with my health or mental health professional.

I was drawn into women's golf from the moment I saw Pat Hurst. Not only is she a tremendous golfer, but she has a body type I can can relate to. I was cheering her on as a symbol of the non-anorexic look everywhere.

I confess I didn't give two hoots about Indy car racing until Danica Patrick showed up on the scene. She was doing darn fine until changing out that chassis, too.

And World Cup soccer? I have no explanation. I guess after most of a lifetime of not understanding a thing about the game, it's finally beginnning to make some sense to me.