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Monday, July 04, 2005

Spurs Take It All

Yes, this is old news, but I've been away from computers since they won. Naturally, I'm delighted. Manu came very close to earning MVP honors, but, really, how do you choose when there are so many good choices available? But, yes, Tim Duncan really came through, and he is a rock for the team. Not the kind that drags you down for the third time, but the kind that lifts you up and provides a solid foundation.

She speculated I was at Disneyland, but that's inaccurate. I spent some time visiting family in the Arctic. Everyone is fine.

I've found Her new place in Alabama. Sheesh. It sure is hot down here. Why can't She get assigned somewhere more temperate for my tastes? I'd even go to the Antarctic if I could get cooler weather. She's starting to get some boxes cleared out, so maybe there will be room for me after all. And She brought this small brown thing with Her. His name is Hershey, but I'm not supposed to eat him. Of course, I know him from visiting in Texas, but he stayed outside there. Here, he's spending more time inside. He's so darn small; I'm afraid I'll smoosh him.

She seemed to have some problems taking dictation on PBOTL, so I'll have to work with her on revisions. It certainly wouldn't be my storytelling ability, would it?