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Monday, January 31, 2005

Heading Back for Work

My visit in Georgia is over. I've had a great time, but She has recalled me. I'm ambling home via Seattle (check the map--that's a true amble). I figure the Spurs need me tonight to cheer them on as they begin their Rodeo Road Trip against the tough Seattle Supersonics. I say tough, because no matter what their record, the Spurs have not defeated them this year.

The Rodeo Road Trip is usually a good time for the Spurs to come together and improve their record. This year, they have a great record, so I'm looking for them to really do impressive things to solidify what should be a championship team. Their depth is nothing short of amazing, and they really seem like three or four teams in one, and that can only spell good things--especially when all those teams within a team are working together, as this year's Spurs appear to be doing. They make basketball right.

She's still reading through PBOTL, so I have a couple days to wind my way back to Virginia. In fact, I think it will be via Seattle, LA, Charlotte, DC, New Jersey, Miami, and New Orleans, putting me back in Virginia on the 15th. That's close to the first. And She'll be feeling a little better after Her knee surgery. I won't have to listen to Her whimper and whine.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Not Back to Work Yet

I thought I was going back to work, but She's not ready for me. So I'm on a personal errand for Her down here in Georgia. Clearly, the Spurs are doing just fine with me cheering them on from here. I should be back in Virginia in a couple weeks. Ta-ta, now!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Heading Back to VA and Back to Work

She is ready for me to come back to work, so I'm taking a break from being a Spurs groupie and hitching a ride back to Virginia with Her. We'll begin editing PBOTL.