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Sunday, June 01, 2003

I'm sure most of you have done a web search on your name. Every once in awhile, I do one on this Blog's name. Naturally, the Blog comes up as the first hit. Then things get interesting. For instance, did you know Canada markets loose polar bear diamonds? I think it's a rather odd business for polar bears to get into ; however, they market them with the polar bear logo on them--looks pretty nifty, too. Of course, the diamond company appears to have just settled a trademark battle with the Northwest Territories over the use of said logo. (I never knew Canada had a diamond mine--see, these searches can be educational.)

Then there's Polar Bear, Inc. out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, with a web site deesigned by Loose Screw Productions. This site does does a few things right, but relies heavily on the back button for navigation. The positive aspects of the site are the company name, address, phone numbers (including toll free and fax) are prominently displayed. This is a big plus--too many internet businesses seem to hide this information. A browser can also find an opportunity to contact this company by email prominently displayed on the main page. Lastly, they have a cute logo of an absolutely adorable polar bear draped over an auto air conditioning compressor. This bear is cute enough I'd be tempted to call the number to see if he needs companionship.

There's a third site where I can get plans to cut out a large polar bear from plywood as a yard ornament. I ought to tell Her about that one. Then the neighbors would never know if it was real or plywood in the yard.


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