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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Keeping paws crossed that the Spurs will stomp the Mavs on the Mavs' home court tonight and finish the series. If not, well, the sweet victory on home court would work OK, too. Just so the Spurs are playing whomever that Eastern Conference team is next week.

I got a fresh shipment of books to distract me from my appointed rounds via my trusty UPS man tonight. What did I get? Well.....do you really think I should tell you? She got some writing books that had been recommended by some Forward Motion writers in Chat one night many weeks ago. (They sat in the basket until She was sure it was more than a mere impulse.) Then She also did some impulse buying on Mao Tse Tung. I'll let Her decide if She wants to tell you what for--that's why I (politely, of course) asked Her to set up Her own darn Blog. I got "Shockball" and "Endurance" to continue with the StarDoc series that captivated my interest several weeks ago.

Go Spurs Go!


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