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Saturday, May 31, 2003

I could put titles up...

But wouldn't that be just a little too formal for a laid back bear?

Sigh. You've been wondering when I was going to brave the in-line skates again, haven't you? Two words: Not yet. (For those of you wondering, yes, I can put the fourth skate on without outside assistance, but it's a bear.)

"Do I detect an edge?" She asks.

"What edge?" I snarl back. It's hot. I have all this fur, and does She think to turn on the air conditioning? No. "I'm perfectly comfortable," She minces. I don't know why I stay here.

"Then go back to the Arctic if you don't like living in the modern conveniences I offer you here." She's reading over my shoulder again. I wave my paw in Her general direction, and She leaves me alone for a bit. I ask you, what good are modern conveniences if you won't use them?

"It's cooler now that the rain has moved through. The windows are open. Good grief. I'm not torturing you here."

Is the Woman reading my mind? Will I get no peace from Her?

"Not today, Snuggles."

I hate it when She calls me that.


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