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Friday, May 30, 2003

Congratulations, San Antonio Spurs, Western Conference Champions! With the Spurs down at half-time, I decided to take the same approach as for Game 5--I went into hibernation for the third quarter. It worked. I woke up half way through the fourth quarter, and my favorite Spur, Steve Kerr was nailing three pointers right and left and leading San Antonio in the charge to take the lead in the game. Congratulations, Mr. Kerr on an awesome game.

I've been impressed with Steve Kerr for several years now and have long believed he has been highly underrated. I know San Antonio values his work ethic, his game preparation, and his willingness to contribute to the team however they determine he fits in, but I still believe he's been underrated. Of course, I don't know him personally, but She saw him at Alamo Heights Night in April with his young son (She doesn't see or recognize many "famous" people in public, so this caught Her by surprise). As for me, I was delighted to be able to watch him lead the rally that led to San Antonio winning this one.

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the Dallas Mavericks' outstanding achievement this year. They have come off some tough years, did very well this year, and they closed this season out with determination and class.

Go Spurs Go!


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