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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Home at last. Home in time to see the Spurs take the series with the Mavericks up by one game (on the Mav's home court). Resoundingly. They're now up 2-1, but I'm cautiously exuberant. I know all-too-well how these things can change.

Another long, long day on airplanes. With the current terror alert status coupled with the holiday weekend, I was electronically strip-searched and patted down nearly every three feet or 5 minutes, whichever came first. Naturally, I slowed things down while they tried to find another polar bear to pat me down. They gave up and decided to have a gender specific, rather than a species specific patter-downer. Thank goodness I had a two hour layover in Atlanta. Without that, I woul have been scrambling to make the transition. On the good news side of things, I did finish Holly Lisle's "Fire in the Mist." Excellent, if I may say so.

This tired bear has to drag off to be now. Nighty-nite.


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