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Saturday, June 07, 2003

It's a gray, dreary day. Certainly befitting the day after the Spurs lose Game 2 to the Nets. Dare I predict the Nets will regret this? I offer an observation that the Spurs have played better on the road all year. With the next three games in New Jersey, there's still a better than average chance that last night was David Robinson's last game in San Antonio.

We're getting some steady rain. I glanced out the window a bit ago and noticed the neighbor kids must be having a party of something. A slew of kids came pouring out of the house and attacked each other with water balloons. I think it must take some of the fun out of hitting someone with a water balloon when you're already wet. Then again, since you don't really care about getting wet, maybe it makes it more fun. I never really worried about it back home when I went fishing and hunting. I usually preferred to do it at the edge of the icepack--having your air hole freeze over is not a fun experience.


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