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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hmm. I thought I'd written more recently here, but I must not have. We did get rain the other night, but I didn't know it until the next morning when the ground was wet. I participated in StarDoc's "Building Better Characters Workshop" last night. I pretended to be Her pretending to be me, but She was off in slumber land as she had to get up early this morning. Since I'm a lazy, loungy polar bear who has to pretend to like salmon to avoid offending people with delicate sensibilities (they are offended that I eat baby seals), that little technical inaccuracy in chat is beginning to bother me. I must find a more species-appropriate munchie for the chat room. If I keep swilling salmon, next thing I know, my snout will be thickening, and my hair will be darkening. I am not a grizzly. I am a polar bear. Repeat after me, "I am a polar bear. I have a nasty attitude, and I eat other cute Arctic creatures and don't feel bad about it." And thanks to Gary Larsen for summing up (paraphrased) my feelings of the Arctic igloo, "I like the crunchy exterior coupled with the chewy insides."

Are you absolutely certain you want to invite me to stay at your house?


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