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Sunday, May 04, 2003

I tried to get in last night, but the site seemed to be down--at least when I wanted to access it. Oh, well. I got a good laugh at Her expense earlier today. She was getting ready to take the motorcycle out for a spin and lost the screw from one side of Her glasses as She took them off to put Her helmet on. After a quick search of the ground, She came inside, put in her contact lenses, looked again for the screw (and saw how much she really was using the bi-focal portion when she couldn't see the ground from close in!), gave up, and rode off. She did whatever She went off to do--something about a little brother for me (Great! Just what I DON'T need), came home, found Her glasses repair kit, and I got to laugh again as she tried to see to put that new screw into the hole with her contact lenses still in. She eventually had to take them out to see well enough. The repair kit came with a little magnifier that seemed to work well for Her, but She needed a third hand to use it (which I am happy to report She does not have). I heard Her muttering something under Her breath about understanding more where people who needed their glasses to do anything were coming from--even though She's been legally blind for distance since the ninth grade and thought She understood all that already.


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