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Monday, May 05, 2003

Rainy Days and Mondays....someone ought to write a song about that. Oh? They did? (And if I hit "m" instead of "n" one more time....) It's been one of those days, and my typing is showing it tonight (I hope I catch them all before you have to read this). It's a cold (for Virginia, but not me) day. She complains that I keep the house too cold, but I tell her to put on a sweater. It's not like I can take anything off. At least She took the tarp off the AC unit outside this weekend, and she lets me eat the cherries she keeps in the freezer--that helps keep my insides more temperate.

I've been noticing the ads on the top of this page, and the ads for polar bear watching in Churchill are interesting. Don't people know they could come here and see me? What am I? Chopped liver (don't eat it, the Vitamin A in my liver can kill you)? I'll be happy to take your three grand. Heck, I'll even do a couple tricks for that! Want me to roar and scare you? Happy to oblige.

Have you ever noticed that you know the right synonym to use in a situation, but you type the wrong one? Or is that just a polar bear thing?

Ah well. The NBA playoffs are on tonight. I guess I'll go watch them. (Don't tell Her, but I'm rooting for the Spurs, too.)


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