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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Template Changes

I noticed on the old template my title blog was getting cut off. I believe this was a subtle (or perhaps unintended) hint from Blogger that I should choose a new template. I've been contemplating this for a long time, but none of the templates I liked offered a Links (or Navigation) section. I finally decided to edit a template that appealed to me to include a Links area. The editing process went ok. I also enabled the profile--I think I take a very nice photo, thank you. If you open it up to look further, you'll find that Her recent blog entries show up, too. I haven't figured out how to stop that short of kicking Her out of this blog account, but that seems petty, so I decided to not worry about it. Enjoy.

Oh, and I also enabled Blogger's comments section, which removed the Haloscan comments. I'll see how this works out. If need be, I'll switch back to Haloscan, but comments have not been a problem for me--I'm keeping my claws crossed, but all my commenters have been friendly so far. I hope they stay that way. Have you seen what big teeth I have, Little Red Riding Hood?


  • At 8:13 PM , Blogger Ruth said...

    You are one smart bear, doing all that re-programming of the Blog! Love your picture! And I like the new lay-out in general. So far, I've never had any problems with spam in my comments section either. Not having claws, I'll have to depend on prayer or something, I guess.

    Polar Bears DO have mighty big teeth, and I assume yours are up to average. I'll try to watch my comments in future to make sure I don't get you riled. :)


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