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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Imminent Departure

She departs Bahrain next week, so I'll be getting stuffed into a carry-on bag soon to make the trip back to the United States. I know I complained when I found out She was bringing me here, but I've grown to love the air conditioning and the swimming pool. I spent a lot of time in the swimming pool the day the country lost power last week.

While I'll be glad to be back on North American soil, I will miss this swimming pool.

I was able to watch the Olympics in German, Italian, and Arabic. The programming was excellent, and the events broadcast were interesting. Who knew handball was so much more than a sport played by two people chasing a hard rubber ball around a racquetball court? In the Olympics, it's nothing like that! Of course, I'm partial to the Winter Olympics, but you knew that.


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