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Friday, September 10, 2004

Back in the USA

I have returned. No more swimming pool. No more chilly, comfortable air conditioning. Just plain, old, Virginia Indian Summer weather. The inflatable kiddy pool for the back yard. A house air conditioned to 80 degrees (and She turned off the A/C and opened the windows today!). She's done with the first draft of PBOTL and is letting is sit on ice until after the first of the year (too bad She doesn't think to do that for me). In other words, I have some downtime--just like the Olympic swimmers' lifeguard. I'm not knitting any afghans, though. (Note: this is in reference to an American Forces Network commercial for the Olympics--it probably didn't play in the States, but it was funny.) I am, however, reading up on legal issues for writers as a way to advise Her on how the legal aspects of professional writing work. If you're reading this and wondering something similar, the book I'm reading is called The Writer's Legal Guide: An Authors Guild Desk Reference by Tad Crawford & Kay Murray, Third Edition. ISDN: 1-58115-230-2. I've been reading the tax part, and it passes the giggle test for accuracy, so the rest of the book may be credible as well. Please leave comments if you have an opinion either way.


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