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Sunday, April 13, 2003

Another day in polar bear purgatory. Ooops. That's a negative view. Time to start looking at what's good in my life. Well, Internet access isn't so good in the Arctic. Even if I had a satellite connection, my power supply wasn't too reliable up there. So that's one thing--fast, reliable Internet access--just what every polar bear needs. She brings me plenty of food. In fact, probably too much. I'm getting a little soft. I wonder if She would let me go jogging with her. Will I need special shoes? I think my foot pads are OK, but she does run on that asphalt track. I could always run in the grass either inside or outside the track. That's two--regular food source (this diet is seal and arctic fox safe). I don't have to worry about shelter. She lets me stay in the house--although She complains about my shedding and taking too long in the shower. I tell Her, "There's another bathroom. Feel free to use it." As for the shedding, She should have thought about that before taking in a polar bear as a boarder. Sheesh! So that's three--a roof over my head.

I suppose I will have to quit sloughing off and figure out what I intend to do to earn my keep around here. Bleahh. Plenty of time for that later.


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