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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Well, so much for that. The rain went away. Sun's out. We won't get snow for a long time. I don't have pool. No rocks. We're talkin' one grumpy polar bear coming around soon. Heyyyy. Waaait a minute. She says she lives on the edge of the Reservoir. Maybe? Let's see. How far would I have to go to find real water? Ooohh. I like the idea of swimming in the Reservoir by the moon. She won't let me out during the day--says too many people wouldn't understand. She's probably right--that old anger management thing again. I do have that tendency to have a simply awful temper. It's my nature. People just need to learn to adjust. (Actually, She won't let me out at night either, but She has to sleep sometime, and I had an extra key made when she wasn't looking, soooo.) I'll take my sunglasses. Nobody will recognize me.


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