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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Hmm. It appears I have to give the cookies to Blogger to be able to post. She is going to have to prowl about in ZoneAlarm to find a happy medium or figure out how to ftp this to her website. She won't let me leave 3rd Party Cookies wide open just so I can can post here. I found a keyboard at PolarSupplies.com. Whew! Can't wait until it gets here. It's ergonomically designed for my claws to fit--and She will quit harping on me about the damage I'm doing to Her keyboard. As if it were my choice to be squashing my claws onto this pathetically tiny human keyboard! And QWERTY! Typing on it is like the poor DVORAK converts over at hollylisle.com. The interface from PolarSupplies.com comes in the more comfortable "ARCTIC" layout.

(Note from HER: The web site listed above is fictitious--all you other Polar Bear readers out there, don't get too excited.)


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