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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Thanks, EJ!

A western store. Just down from Colliseum Mall on Mercury? Thanks! Now. How do I get there? She does leave the motorcycle here during the day. She'd never notice I took it, I bet. Of course, I've never ridden one before, and I think She keeps the proof of insurance in Her wallet. With my clumsy paws, I have no hope of being able to pilfer that little piece of paper. The keys, however, I can easily get to. I know how to open the garage door, but then I don't have any way of locking the house or closing the door....this will require some thought. Perhaps there's a more creative way of getting from Grafton to Mercury Blvd....

Zero always thought my legs were pretty sexy. Maybe I could try that old hitchhiking technique I've heard about...Think anyone would stop for a polar bear showing a little leg?


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