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Saturday, June 14, 2003

I got a couple more minutes on the roller blades. I managed not to fall down this time. I definitely felt too stiff and too jerky. Stopping didn't feel right--polar bears are not made to crouch into the position indicated in the roller-blade-on-line-lessons I found. However, the duck walk on asphalt went well enough to be encouraging. Eventually that image I have in my head of me gliding seemingly effortlessly down the street or around the track for laps on end may become reality. For now, it's still in the fantasy realm. I can tell my calves will muscle up even more than they already are from running after Arctic Fox. I really hope to streamline the abdominal walls. I know the human observer doesn't notice much of a waistline when they look at polar bears, but I'm here to tell you that male polar bears notice these things.


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