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Friday, September 09, 2005

2005-2006 Spurs

No, you haven't heard much from me since the Spurs won the Championship. It's been too darn hot in Alabama, so I headed North. Way North. She seems to have been having trouble remembering to lock doors lately, so I had to come back to guard the house for Her while She's at work.

I've been watching the Spurs off-season moves. I'm wondering what will happen to their remaining free agents. Devin Brown, Mike Wilks, Tony Massenburg, and Glenn Robinson. I'd like to see Devin Brown and Glenn Robinson stay. Mike Wilks seems to have the support of the front office. I have mixed thoughts about Rasho Nesterovic. Tony Massenburg contributed when needed, but Nazr Mohammed may be able to pick up that role.

When Michael Finley signed, and they showed the picture of him with the Number 4 jersey, I thought Sean Marks' days were numbered. After all, Number 4 was Sean's number, but only days later, they resigned him, so I suspect some jersey number shuffling will take place.

Nick Van Exel signing caught me by surprise. The Spurs have enough guards to enable them to keep a revolving door at the scorer's table this year. They'll have the opportunity to have fresh legs in the back court all game every game and will be able to thoroughly confuse their opponents while running circles around them.

I read one comment by a reporter today speculating the Pop would most likely be happy to play the team he has now, and I believe it.


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