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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Hi. I'm Inuit, and I like Barry Manilow's music.

I've been wandering among human's long enough to know that statement may evoke very opposite and intense feelings from the reader. Barry Manilow seems to be one of the "artists people love to hate." I don't really understand why. I find his music soothing. His "Singin' with the Big Bands" album is particularly good.

I go more for Classic Pop (not sure what else to call Pop music from 20 years ago...I don't think it's a recognized genre). She goes more for Classic Rock and Contemporary Country (one and the same if you ask me). With a little jazz, Lionel Richie, and classical thrown in for good measure.

She put half the CD collection into the hard drive (twice--the first time She used RealPlayer's proprietary format; the second time, she opted for MP3). Studying the genre listings, we have the following to choose from:

Acoustic Pop
Big Band
Classic Rock
Contemporary Country
Contemporarary Folk
General Country
General Jazz
General Pop
General R&B (Lionel Richie)
General Rock
Hard Rock (Meatloaf, Heart, Boston--not by today's standards, but it's hard rock to Her)
New Wave (The Cars are New Wave????)
Psychedelic Rock
Soft Rock
Southern Rock
Traditional Country

That's about half the collection. She's out of hard drive space and debating whether or not She wants an MP3 player. Of course, then She must decide if She wants the hard drive MP3 player, the teeny, tiny MP3 player, or a new PDA with MP3 player included. The only thing She knows for sure is that She doesn't want THREE MP3 players. Amusing. I'll keep you posted as She works through this chilling dilemma.


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